/ Dupont Teijin Films

It had been about 25 years since we were last up to the Dupont Teijin Factory, which was then an ICI site. The Ucrete MF which we put down then is still going strong, but was in need of refurbishment in one particular area. Although only two small patches were causing problems for pallet trucks and foot traffic, it was decided that a larger patch should be re-instated. Unfortunately for the guys on site the Ucrete was still stuck like the proverbial, which made for a hard nights work! Preparation had to be done overnight to eliminate any chance of contamination of the high quality films made in this area. Once the all important preparation was complete a thin ‘scratch’ coat of Ucrete MF was applied and left to cure. The following day a body coat of Ucrete MF was applied to bring the floor up to surrounding levels. Once cured the job was finished off by re-installing movement joints with an epoxy / urethane jointing compound. Lasercroft have since been back to renovate a full line, again in Ucrete MF, with this new area totalling approximately 450m2.