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Kanes Foods, Evesham

Kanes Foods contracted Lasercroft to lay BASF products Ucrete UD200 and Mastertop 1325 at their new state of the art factory.

Each area was shotblasted to prepare the concrete and in some areas polymer modified screed was laid to create falls to the new drainage.

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NSK Bearings

Having carried out numerous smaller jobs for NSK, Lasercroft were contracted to provide a smooth floor finish in their new dispatch warehouse.

This was primarily to improve conditions for their forklift truck operators.

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/ Why Choose Polyurethane Floor Toppings?

Polyurethane floor toppings are the hardest working & best performing industrial floors on the market.

There are a number of different types of polyurethane floor finish available, each with their own unique selling point or application technique.

We use our unrivalled experience (gained over the years in various industries) to cherry pick the most suitable system, from a reputable manufacturer, to meet your site specific needs.

Epoxy resin floors are equally popular, many people don’t know the difference. We have created the table below to show you the main characteristics of each type of system.


Gloss finishMatt finish
More UV stableUV colour change
Large colour rangeLimited colour range
Longer curing time / susceptible to low temp.Faster curing / less susceptible to temp
Harder but brittle - susceptible to impact damage.Plastic properties – excellent impact resistance.
Easy clean but harder to maintainSlightly harder to clean but very little maintenance required
Life expectancy - 10 to 15 yearsLife expectancy - 15 to 20 years
Suffers from thermal shock & resistant to fewer chemicalsBetter resistance to heat & chemicals

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