/ Resdevs’ Pumatect

Kerry Foods Lasercroft have carried out works for Kerry Foods at a number of their many sites in the UK. We have recently completed works at their spreads manufacturing plant in Yorkshire which produces many well known brands of butter, margarine and lard. Needless to say, this kind of environment requires non-slip flooring! Working with the engineers on site Lasercroft have specified and applied several different products, tailored to the needs of the area in question. There is always a difficult decision to be made when specifying and choosing a non-slip finish as it not only has to be non-slip, but also cleanable, especially for a client like Kerry Foods who take frequent swab tests of their floors. Products applied on this site range from 2mm thick multilayer / sandwich systems incorporating Resdevs’ Pumatect epoxy coating, 4mm thick Ucrete DP10 polyurethane multilayer / sandwich system and 6mm thick heavy duty polyurethane resin systems such as AltroCrete PU Excel.