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Straight Ltd are a leading manufacturer of injection moulded products such as wheelie bins, water butts & compost bins. The management were looking to improve working conditions at the factory in Hull, which manufactures 75% of the products that they sell.

The current production area floor, which was black with dirt & oil, & impossible to keep clean needed replacing with a bright, easy to clean, hardwearing floor covering. Various products were considered, with the eventual winner being AltroFlow EP2000 – a 2mm self smoothing, epoxy resin floor topping. Slip resistant walkways were specified, with Altrotect Plus being used to mark out the pedestrian routes.

Various options were discussed regards programming the works to the 1,600m2 area. Minimal disruption & downtime were a priority, so it was decided that the whole area would be de-greased, prepared, primed & laid in 2 days over a bank holiday period. This would allow the new floor topping sufficient time to cure & be back in service on the Tuesday morning, with walkways to be applied the following weekend.


Manufacturer Product
ALTRO AltroFlow EP2000


Packing areas, pharmaceutical, healthcare, dry production areas


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