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Rennsport Automobile

We were contacted by the project manager of this new build facility in the Cotswolds to provide a high spec, easily cleanable floor with some wow factor. 

Straight Ltd

Straight Ltd are a leading manufacturer of injection moulded products such as wheelie bins, water butts & compost bins.

The current production area floor, which was black with dirt & oil, & impossible to keep clean needed replacing with a bright, easy to clean, hardwearing floor covering.

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/ Why Choose Epoxy Flooring Systems…

If you want to brighten up a gloomy warehouse, create a hygienic production area or replace a worn out vinyl floor with an attractive seamless alternative there is an epoxy flooring system to suit your requirements & meet your needs.

These durable products can be specified in a number of ways to dustproof, protect & extend the life of your working areas. Find details below on the 4 main ways epoxy resins will be specified & applied.

/ Epoxy floor coatings & high build epoxy floor coatings.

At less than 0.5mm thick these systems provide limited impact resistance but can be a great flooring solution for medium duty industrial areas.

/ Multi-layer epoxy flooring systems.

Ranging from 1.25mm – 5mm thick, available in various finishes & grades of slip resistance, multi-layer systems are so versatile they can be used in many environments.

/ Flow applied epoxy flooring systems.

At 1mm – 5mm thick these are the smooth, seamless, high gloss resin floor finishes which most people think of when they hear the term epoxy resin floor. They are hygienic & easy to clean, with good chemical & impact resistance.

These systems should be applied where there is a low risk of slipping. Typical applications include pharmaceutical, industrial & production areas.

Anti-static dissipative variants of these products are available.

/ Epoxy screed flooring systems.

Applied between 2mm – 6mm thick these systems are attractive & durable, with large colour ranges & a choice of surface finishes to give the required slip resistance. They generally consist of a blend of decorative quartz aggregates in a clear resin binder which is trowelled down & allowed to cure before receiving 2 or more coats of clear resin seal.

The combined durability & aesthetic characteristics of this product make it suitable for areas such as entrance halls, laboratories, production areas, schools, changing rooms etc.

Anti-static dissipative variants of this product are available.

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