/ Fire Station order secured in Altrocrete PU Excel…

Lasercroft have received the order to install the heavy duty, slip resistant Altrocrete PU Excel in the new Rothwell Fire Station, to be built by Conlon Construction.

Having previously installed similar products at a number of stations throughout East Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire we are looking forward to venturing a little further west for our latest application.

Heavy duty polyurethane toppings are ideally suited to this sort of environment, being extremely durable and having good slip resistance. They fall into the FeRFA Type 8 group of systems which are virtually indestructible, with Altro offering 15 year guarantees. You can realistically expect in excess of 20 years service from these systems.

If you think your business could benefit from heavy duty flooring then please get in touch.

Lasercroft have been contracted by Conlon Construction – Check out their website