/ Preparation

Preparation is the single most important element in laying a resin floor topping, given the correct degree of preparation, success is almost guaranteed.

Lasercroft has the capability to undertake not only the more commonly used methods of preparation such as enclosed pollution free shot blasting and mechanical abrasion, but also flame spalling, aqua blasting and high pressure water washing.

Site conditions

Resin surfaces are site-finished and adverse conditions may have a detrimental effect on the quality of the completed installation, irrespective of the applicator’s skill. The building should be weather-tight, sources of moisture, air-borne dust or debris should be removed or effectively isolated.

The substrate temperature will usually be below that of the air and colder site conditions may reduce the workability of the resin and extend curing times, possibly beyond the guidance given in these notes.

Portable gas-fired heaters often generate moisture in the air, which can lead to discolouration of the resin surface (other forms of portable heat may be used). The avoidance of other trades and the provision of ample light will assist the contractor to provide a finish of good quality.