Altro Tect Plus Slip Resistant Epoxy Coating

Anti Slip Resin Flooring

What is anti slip resin flooring…

The term anti slip flooring (or slip resistant resin flooring) can be a little ambiguous. As a result it is easy to provide an unsuitable floor finish unless you ask the right questions.

A resin floor finish that is suitable for a dry area may not be suitable for a wet area. In this instance we can easily put forward alternative solutions.

Pumadur slip resistant polyurethane resin

Add grease or oil into the mix and we may have to give the specification further thought. We want to help you manage slips in the work place & the safety of your employees.

Tailored slip resistance…

Resin floor finishes throw up a multitude of options. Consequently we are able to tailor product specification to the area of use.

This is commonly achieved by varying the size of the aggregate in a chosen system. A number of systems, particularly those we term multilayer flooring systems, give us this option.

Resdev Pumagrip applied to ramp

High build epoxy coatings can also be applied incorporating varying aggregates. They are generally added to the product to be applied, below an application of Altro Tect Slip Resistant is shown. In this instance a pre-weighed amount of aggregate is added to the product. This is in contrast to being cast onto a body coat as is usual in multilayer flooring applications discussed above.

Altro Tect Plus slip resistant epoxy high build coating

When deciding on anti slip flooring for wet rooms, kitchens or stairs in commercial environments it can be costly & dangerous to underestimate the degree of anti slip required.

Varied wear characteristics…

A further variable to consider alongside the aggregate size is the hardness of the aggregate.

In many situations quartz / silica aggregates are adequate and perform well for years. Although this may be true, harder aggregates should be chosen for heavy duty slip resistant floor applications.

For constant hard wheeled traffic we would always recommend bauxite or aluminium oxide. These aggregates come in at 9 on the Mohs scale, just below diamond. As a result they are perfect for the heaviest duty applications such as the Ucrete DP20 shown below.

Ucrete DP20 heavy duty slip resistant resin floor

The anti slip agents that are added into high build coatings are generally not as hard wearing. They tend to be polymer or glass beads. Nonetheless, if correctly specified, they will perform well for years to come.

How to clean anti slip resin flooring…

To continually benefit from the slip resistant properties of your anti slip resin flooring you must be able to keep it clean.

There are two important factors in the cleaning process. The method used i.e. what machine & attachments are you using. And the chemical used to attack the soiling.

Cleaning anti slip resin floor with scrubber dryer

Mopping is never a suitable method for keeping resin floors clean. Especially not for heavily textured non slip resin floors. They will rip your mops to bits!!!

The correct machine & method should be discussed at the specification stage. A new non slip floor will not stay looking clean & new for long without it.

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