Anti Static Resin Flooring for the Food Packaging Industry…

We offer a range of anti static and ESD (electro static dissipative) resin floor finishes, but by far our most popular is Ucrete MF40AS (previously known as Ucrete MFAS.)

Anti static floors are usually specified to protect sensitive electrical equipment or to remove the potential explosive risk that a stray spark could cause in an ATEX rated explosive atmosphere.

One such industry where we have specified the use of this heavy duty finish time & time again is the food packaging and print industry. Anti static flooring is required in these environments due to the use & storage of highly flammable solvents in the process.

Not all flooring will allow a charge to build up, but the insulating properties of a resin floor finish can result in a dangerous spark being created in certain circumstances. This would not be a problem with a concrete floor as, despite not being anti static, they don’t build a charge.

Unfortunately in these circumstances concrete floors will be unsuitable for the client, as they will not meet the required hygiene standards, chemical resistance or guaranteed durability of a heavy duty polyurethane floor.

The application is much the same as that of any other polyurethane resin floor, but with the addition of one important step. A grid of copper tapes is sandwiched between the primer layer and the body coat of the system. This grid is then connected to earth using an earthing kit.

Ucrete MF40AS is a heavy duty flowable resin finish with a matt finish which exhibits good slip resistance, perfect for most dry packaging production facilities. For more challenging anti static applications that require an even heavier duty system, or increased slip or heat resistance, then Ucrete UD100 AS could be applied.

Once a Ucrete MF40AS floor has been laid it is usual practice to have it tested to ensure that it is performing as it should. This is something that we always ensure. We can proudly report that we have never had a failure with a Ucrete anti static application.

If you have a need for an anti static or ESD floor finish, or would like more information on these or any of our products please get in touch.

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