Ucrete MF40AS

Applying Anti Static Resin Flooring…

It wasn’t long ago that we blogged about our range of anti static resin flooring. But as we’ve recently completed a couple more anti static projects we thought we would re-visit. Although this time we’ll be focusing on how the flooring system can be earthed.

How we earth our floors…

The image below shows our standard practice with the wires of the earthing cable splayed out & connected to the grid. 

Connecting copper grid to earthing point

We said in our earlier blog that Ucrete MF40AS was by far our most popular anti static resin flooring system. This has again been proven to be the case, as it was used in both of the recently completed projects. One project was specified by ourselves & the other by the client.

anti static polyurethane resin flooring

Back at the end of August we completed the above project for a food packaging company. The window to install was tight, this was a busy company not wanting to lose production time.

The work was scheduled over a bank holiday period. An area of around 800 square metres prepared, primed, laid & jointed ready for use on the Tuesday morning. We pride ourselves on our rapid industrial flooring services, offering fast track products & minimal downtime to our clients.

An alternative earthing method…

On the image below you can see how the copper tapes have been connected directly to this RSJ. This is not our usual method of connecting to earth. But we always liaise with site electricians on the install & were told that these were excellent earthing points.

an alternative method of earthing

Anti static flooring for data centres…

Our second recently completed project was for a new data centre. The data hall, shown below, will contain banks of servers. With each server containing untold amounts of important data it is essential that the sensitive components are protected. Discharge of any built up static charge could wreak with the sensitive equipment.    

Ucrete MF40AS anti static data centre flooring

These applications are similar to that of any other resin floor. Although the essential difference is the grid of copper tapes sandwiched between the primer and the body of the system. It is this grid that is connected to the earthing point.

Grid of copper tapes

Ucrete MF40AS is a heavy duty flowable. It’s matt finish exhibits good slip resistance, perfect for most dry areas. For more challenging anti static applications that require an even heavier duty system, or increased slip or heat resistance, then Ucrete UD100 AS could be applied.

If you have a need for an anti static or ESD floor finish, or would like more information on these or any of our products please get in touch.

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