Control of Water, Effluent & Chemicals on Site…

As a company we often get involved in helping our clients with the control & containment of various types of liquid waste produced on site.

This can range from low risk production run off or effluent from cleaning processes to dangerous mixtures of chemicals which must be held & treated on site to avoid contamination of the water course.

Falls & Drainage…

We can help food & beverage producers in a number of ways:

1) Installing screed to falls – we provide underlayment screeds which slope & push water where you want it. This improves the safety of the workforce & improves hygiene – avoiding standing water is important to the food industry.2) Supply & fit stainless steel drainage. We can provide stainless steel channels with hygienic welds & in-built falls which maintain flow rates to prevent backing up. Slip resistant gratings can be specified to reduce the chance of accidents.3) Supply and fit sealed access covers & rodding eyes to control odour & provide easy access for maintenance.

Bunds, Sumps & Tanking…

When it comes to chemicals we also help producers & the many sites which have to store & bund chemicals used in their processes in a number of ways:




1) We provide chemical resistant bund linings to complement our flooring range.
2) We also utilise some of our products to cast heavy duty chemical resistant sumps & channels where extreme chemical resistance is required.
3) Specific chemicals will require tailored products – although our heavy duty polyurethanes are resistant to a wide range of chemicals they have their limitations. We have a wide range of products at our disposal & will always ask what chemicals are in use so we can provide suitable solutions.
4) We can supply secondary containment solutions for your chemicals. If you need spill trays for tubs, drums or IBC’s we can provide them.5) We have structural repair mortars & crack bridging, elastomeric resin systems which have been formulated to prevent water leakages water ingress into concrete structures. These systems are suitable for both potable & waste water.

Temporary bunding & flow diversion…

As we often work in wet environments, with products which are adversely affected if they come into contact with water prior to curing, we have had to source products to allow us maintain our service. We now supply products, such as our Flexi Seals shown below, to our clients in the food industry to allow them to divert & control effluent from overflows or cleaning processes.

If you are interested in any of the solutions mentioned in this blog post please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and prices.

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