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If you follow our company you may have gathered we do a lot of work applying food industry flooring.

Not all food production sites throw up the same challenges, and whilst our heavy duty polyurethane products (such as  Altrocrete 6-8mm slip resistant by Altro shown in our main image,) are so versatile that they can be used site wide, it is often best to specify different products in different areas.

We find this is often the case on many sites but particularly so when visiting & providing bakery  flooring solutions.

Providing flooring for artisan or industrial bakers follows the same process we go through with any client. The first step is to identify the specific needs of the client by assessing the processes & interactions going on in each production area.

Bakeries are rarely wet, so slip resistant bakery floors are not always required. But they can have greasy floor areas where increased slip resistance will improve the safety of the workforce. We have systems available that can be applied in various grades that allow us to provide consistent slip resistance. These products such as the Ucrete DP range (shown being applied below) allow us to provide this tailored slip resistance for areas of medium or heavy duty use.

Areas may receive high traffic, but be dry & non-greasy, so require a durable resin floor that will cope with the level & type of traffic. Heavy duty flow applied & medium duty flow applied resin floors such as Pumadur MD or Pumadur SL from Resdev are ideal for specification in these environments.

Other areas may receive relatively low traffic, but still need to be hygienic & easily cleanable. We have a large range of high build epoxy coatings at our disposal which we wouldn’t necessarily recommend in a busy production area but can be ideal in storage & packaging areas or areas which only receive foot traffic.


A final common issue we see in bakeries is oven outfeed flooring. Over the years we have learned to ask the right questions & advise our clients on heat resistant flooring for oven outfeed areas. Wheeling hot trolleys from ovens directly onto floors can cause failure. Temperatures need assessing & the correct products must be used. It was with these areas in mind that systems such as Ucrete IF were developed.

Can we help you specify the right resin flooring in your facility? Please contact us today to organise a free site visit & discuss your options.

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