Food Safe Flooring Upgrade – Final Weekend Completed…

Over the last 12 weekends we have been working on a flooring upgrade for Dalziel Ingredients in Felling. Existing floors have been prepared & new Pumadur HF polyurethane resin finishes have been applied.

Special thanks has to go to Paul Salter & Liam Elvin who have been ever present throughout the works, playing their parts in applying all 1,300 square metres. This is one of those instances where operating with our own directly employed workforce really pays off. Continuity of labour on a job like this definitely makes life easier for the client!

On each visit an area has been made available to us on a Friday afternoon with prep completed into the evening, finished off Saturday am.

The above image shows the final area mechanically prepared, vacuumed & ready to receive the heavy duty resin floor finish.

Pumadur HF – a type of resin rich polyurethane floor screed which are standard in the food industry – is slip resistant, hygienic & hard wearing. It can take constant hard wheeled traffic & has excellent impact resistance. These characteristics mean that these very heavy duty floor finishes are also commonly used in the engineering & manufacturing sectors, especially where slip resistant flooring is required.

After finishing off the preparation each Saturday the product was mixed & applied. After an overnight curing period, and a visit to the local Mecca Bingo, the lads returned to site to cut & install the flexible resin joint sealant. The above image shows the completed works.

Both the Lasercroft & Dalziels management are delighted with how the project has turned out & look forward to our next visit to site!

We would also like to thank Resdev for their support & assistance ensuring we were able to deliver the project on time & on budget. We have a long & successful association with the West Yorkshire manufacturers, whom we have dealt with since they left sunny Hull over 40 years ago!

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