Chemical bund refurb Ucrete

Maintain, improve, stay compliant…

Whatever line of business you are in it is important to plan proactively, scheduling maintenance to allow smooth operation with minimal disruption to production.

To help achieve this, investment in your flooring should be part of your strategic plan. Whether you are investing in new resin flooring, maintaining & repairing existing or improving walkways & demarcation to keep your workforce safe, being proactive will always save you money & inconvenience in the long term.

Obviously different industries have different requirements.

Warehouse floors with reasonable concrete may only need routine maintenance to repair joint arrises & minor defects as they appear. Lumps & bumps can cause discomfort to drivers & damage to trucks. Walkways are also usually required to separate pedestrians from traffic. At some point a slab may start to become problematical & benefit from a smoother, maintenance free, heavy duty resin system.

Most factories will need safety demarcation of some sort for segregation reasons. With serious fork lift accidents happening all too regularly most forward thinking businesses will already have taken steps to protect their workforce. We regularly apply walkways, stencilling & zebra crossings to help companies meet their Health & Safety obligations & enforce their site safety rules.

floor demarcation zebra crossing

Food factories are constantly juggling their hygienic flooring needs & health & safety compliance against production. With regular auditing, either internal or external, standards are not allowed to drop especially when it’s BRC Audit time! Any window of opportunity must be seized to plan in floor repairs with minimal downtime.

Chemical producers cannot afford to take their time to address flooring failure. Once a protective resin coating has been breached the concrete slab is open to attack by whatever chemicals are present in the area. Left unchecked a small crack in a chemical resistant resin floor could allow a cavernous hollow to be eaten away in the slab below. We have witnessed this first hand on a number of occasions. With the time required to replace a structural concrete slab plus the added 7 days curing time required prior to applying a new acid resistant floor it is easy to see how prevention through adequate flooring maintenance is preferable to the cure.

Whatever your requirement we have the experience & product knowledge to provide a solution. We regularly carry out fast curing floor repairs which can be back in service in only a few hours. We have products which cure down to -35 degrees C for cold store floor repair. Our polyurethane resin systems, when properly applied & well sealed, are resistant to a wide range of strong acids & alkalis and were specifically developed to protect concrete.

If you have a flooring problem in need of a lasting solution please call us for advice, we’re more than happy to help

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