Data Centre Flooring

With guaranteed protection against build-up of electrostatic charge Ucrete anti static resin flooring is the best on the market. Ucrete MF40AS offers a long term solution where there is a need to protect sensitive devices in areas such as electronic manufacture & data centres.

Data Centre Flooring

In a world increasingly reliant on data every measure must be taken to protect it. As sensitive electrical equipment & static electricity do not mix. This is the reason that your data centre flooring must be anti static.

Ucrete’s heavy duty anti-static finish was chosen due to its dependability. Its durability & its ability to meet the required standards of electrostatic dissipation make it the number one choice in many applications.

Ucrete anti static floors prevent the build up of static charge. They are also guaranteed not to dust, another essential attribute for data centre flooring.

Thorough Floor Preparation

As ever in our industry preparation plays a major part. Areas where shot blasted to texture the concrete sub floor. Shot blasting highlights weak spots in the surface of the concrete. Removing these weak spots before laying prevents future failure of the floor.

Rebates are diamond cut into the concrete around the perimeter of the area & either side of movement joints. We call these anchorage grooves. They do what they say & help to anchor the resin into place.

After being thoroughly vacuumed the area is ready to be primed with a Ucrete polyurethane resin primer.

Earthing Your Floor

The next step is to install a grid of copper tapes. These copper tapes are connected to earthing points as shown in the image below. This combined with the special conductive fibres within the flooring matrix itself prevent the build up of electrostatic charge.

data centre flooring connection to earth

Data Centre Floor Application

Ucrete MF40AS consists of 4 parts. These are mixed together in a forced action mixer then poured & spread onto the prepared sub-floor.

The finished floor is not discernibly different to the standard Ucrete MF finish, which is smooth & matt in appearance & available in the standard Ucrete range of colours.

You can read more about anti static flooring on our blog page.

Category: Data Centres / Electronics Manufacture       Date: Jan 2020