Heavy Duty Anti Slip Ramp Coating

This versatile polyurethane system can be applied to areas such as ramps, steps & car parks to improve grip for vehicles & pedestrians.

Category: Anti Slip Coatings       Client: NSK Bearings     Date: March 2019

Alongside the hundreds of square meters of Ucrete MF applied in the trucking aisles at NSK’s UK Distribution Centre, we recently improved the slip resistance on the ramp leading to the loading docks.

The ramp takes regular fork lift traffic carrying heavy loads, & the existing coatings had worn off long ago. A more robust coating was requested so we put forward Pumagrip applied at a nominal 3mm thick. The flexible polyurethane floor finish has been proven to stand the test of time, having been used by ourselves in numerous car parks, loading docks, ramps & walkways.

The aggregate finish can be varied in size to provide tailored slip resistance. After application of the aggregate to the wet base coat the excess is swept off & a coat of Pumadur TF polyurethane resin seal was applied.

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