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A combination of hygiene & safety requirements dictated the need for anti static resin flooring on this site. Due to its reliability & longevity Ucrete MF40AS is our go to anti static product. This application was carried out with minimal disruption to production over a 4 day period.

Category: Anti Static Resin Flooring      Date: August 2020

Ucrete anti static flooring has been successfully applied time & again in the flexible packaging industry. Hygienic, anti static resin flooring is needed due to the volatile solvents used and the nature of the products produced. Packaging often needs to be food safe or in some instances healthcare standard. As a result hygiene is often a key consideration.


This application involved heavy floor preparation which is the key to any Ucrete resin flooring application. Shotblasting was carried out to the main area, with some sections requiring additional scabbling to remove build up of adhesive residues. Edges where prepared using hand held diamond grinders. Once thoroughly vacuumed the area was ready to be primed using a polyurethane primer to seal the concrete.


On top of this prepared & sealed surface it is then possible to bond the network of copper tapes. This element carries the static charge to the earthing point. Dissipating this charge to earth prevents build up, which could result in a spark. Any spark could result in an explosion in the presence of the solvents used.


Ucrete anti static flooring (Ucrete MF40AS) is mixed on site & applied at 4mm thick, by hand, by our skilled floor layers. Once the products have sufficiently cured the floor is diamond cut in line with the movement joints in the slab. Flexible movement joints are then installed.

Guaranteed Performance

Technical representatives from Ucrete test the finished product so assurances can be given. As a result of this testing we can proudly say that we have never had a Ucrete anti static floor fail to meet the requirements. On top of meeting the bill in terms of anti static performance they are also extremely durable. Examples of Ucrete polyurethane resin systems can be seen still in use 40+ years after installation! In our opinion it is the best anti static flooring product on the market.

Learn More

Take a look at our blog post on anti static resin flooring for more detail on how the system is installed.

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