Resin Flooring
Product Types

From our relationships with the UK & Europes leading resin manufacturers we have an unrivalled range of products to choose from. We use our experience to specify products based on your environment & budget.

Resin Flooring Types

Very Heavy Duty Screeds / Heavy Duty, Flow Applied Screeds / Resin Screed Flooring / Medium Duty, Flow Applied Screeds / Multi Layer Flooring Systems / High Build Floor Coatings / Anti Static Resin Flooring / Ancillary Products

Our finishes vary in thickness from relatively thin, roller applied coatings which are great for foot & light wheeled traffic, up to the trowel applied heavy duty systems which can take some serious hammer. There is a general correlation between floor thickness & longevity i.e. the thicker it is the longer it lasts!

Consideration of surface texture is also important. Whilst you need your floors to be adequately slip resistant they also need to be cleanable. We offer a varied range of surface finishes & can help you with your cleaning regime to keep your floors performing at their optimum level.

Resin type can also be tailored to your environment. Do you need the plastic properties of a tough polyurethane / cement hydrid such as Ucrete UD200? The extreme chemical resistance of a vinyl ester such as Flowchem VE? Maybe you have a freezer floor repair and need a product to cure at -20 degrees?

Browse our product types here, but please get in touch for advice if you need it.

Very Heavy Duty Screeds.

Chemical processing / Heavy Engineering / Pharmaceutical Production / Commercial Kitchens / Food Production & Processing / Breweries / Distilleries / Soft Drinks Production

Very heavy duty, chemical resistant polyurethane resin floor screeds with a textured finish, applied at 6-9mm thick.

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Heavy Duty, Flow Applied Screeds

Heavy Engineering / Pharmaceutical production / Food Production & Processing / Packaging & Warehousing / Printing

Heavy duty, chemical resistant, flowable polyurethane resin floor screeds with a smooth finish. Applied at 4 to 6mm thick

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Resin Screed Flooring System

Amenity Areas / Custody Suites / Seclusion Rooms / Pharmaceutical Production / Food Production & Processing / Mortuaries / Clean Rooms / Electronics Manufacture / Supermarkets

Heavily filled quartz epoxy screeds, sealed to reduce porosity. Applied at 3 to 6mm thick

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Medium Duty, Flow Applied Screeds

Categories – Production areas / Warehousing & Storage / Packaging Areas / Electronics Manufacture

Medium duty, chemical resistant epoxy & polyurethane resin systems with a smooth finish. Applied at 2 to 3mm thick

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Multi Layer Flooring Systems

Chemical processing / Engineering works / Pharmaceutical production / Kitchens / Food & drink processing plants / Supermarkets / Airports

Medium to heavy duty products with tailored slip resistance. Applied at 1.25 to 10mm thick

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High Build Floor Coatings

Engineering Works / Production Areas / Warehousing & Storage / Plant Rooms

Light to medium duty systems available in a range of colours. Resistant to many chemicals, available with varied slip resistance. Applied in two or more coats, 350-500 microns

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Anti Static Resin Flooring

ATEX & Explosive Atmospheres / Electronics Production / Data Storage / Plastics & Film Production

Anti static variants of some our resin systems. Just as chemical resistant & hard wearing, these systems contain conductive materials & are earthed using copper tapes.

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Kerbing / Stairs / Bunds & Sumps / Screeding & Underlayment / Stainless Channels & Gullies

Essential for the proper function of industrial premises, these products allow safe access & egress, storage of chemicals, management of surface water & aid maintenance. Applied at 1.25 to 10mm thick

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