Ancillary Products

Essential for the proper function of industrial premises, these products allow safe access & egress, storage of chemicals, management of surface water & aid maintenance. In this image a hydrochloric acid bund has been coated in Ucrete RG render to contain the chemical should there be a leak.

Ancillary Products

Kerbing / Stairs / Bunds & Sumps / Screeding & Underlayment / Stainless Channels & Gullies

Almost all food factories will have a hygienic cove detail to the perimeter of a room. Many factories will have a chemical tank containing a substance that shouldn’t be allowed to leach into the surrounding watercourses. Combining resin floor finishes with resin coving mortar allows for the sealing & protection of edge & wall details.

Many chemical storage facilities have loading & transfer areas with channels & sumps which need corrosion protection. We have systems available to cope with a multitude of chemicals & concentrations. Our polyurethane systems are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, but other systems, such as Flowchem VE Vinyl Ester can be used for more specific needs such as protection from glacial acetic acid.

New stainless channels & gullies can be installed, which along with screeding to falls can prevent standing water. We apply fast curing sand cement screeds using polymer additives or Ardex A38. Or for even less downtime maybe the installation of our Laserbulk, polyurethane bulking mortar will save another day on your job.

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Ancillary Products

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