Anti Static Resin Flooring

Electro static discharge can be an explosion risk in certain environments so must be prevented from occurring. It can also have detrimental effects on electronic components, as a result flooring systems which can dissipate the charge and prevent it from building up should be considered. Because of these needs & our increasing reliance on technology & data we see an increasing need for anti-static / static dissipative flooring. We have relationships with UK & Europes market leading resin manufacturers, as a result we are able to specify engineered resin flooring systems so that unwanted static electricity can be prevented from building up. If controlling and eliminating the build up of electro static charge is crucial in your work areas and you would like more information please get in touch with a member of our sales team for more info on our product range.

Anti Static Resin Flooring

ATEX & Explosive Atmospheres / Electronics Production / Data Storage / Plastics & Film Production

Whether it is to eliminate risk of explosion or detrimental effect on components, there is an increasing need for anti-static conductive flooring in industry today. Lasercroft can recommend & apply engineered resin flooring systems that can safely dissipate unwanted static electricity.

Once a sub-floor has been prepared & primed, copper tapes are applied in grids & connected to electrical earthing points. A conductive body coat of resin is then applied prior to a final resin seal coat (dependant on the system.)

The most popular product in our anti static range has to be Ucrete MFAS, which we regularly use in the printing industry. Manufacturers BASF can always be relied on to test any completed application. The Ucrete finish never fails to adequately dissipate the charge, preventing dangerous build up of static which could be disastrous in an ATEX controlled atmosphere.

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Anti Static Resin Flooring

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Anti Static Resin Flooring

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Anti Static Resin Flooring

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