High Build Floor Coatings

AltroTect Plus was applied throughout the showroom & workshops of this new Motordepot site. The two coat application includes a slip resistant additive to reduce slip potential of employees & customers.

High Build Floor Coatings

Engineering Works / Production Areas / Warehousing & Storage / Plant Rooms

Coating your concrete with a high build epoxy has many benefits. Sealing & dustproofing will improve housekeeping & protect from chemical attack. Whilst the combination of colour & reflection can brighten up an area whilst reducing lighting costs. These coatings are available in a large range of colours which can be attractively combined to create walkways etc.

Effectively a thick resin paint, applied in 2 or 3 coats, these systems can be cost effectively applied to large areas. Not really heavy duty enough for sustained fork lift traffic, they will cope with heavy foot traffic & lighter wheeled traffic when applied correctly to a suitable substrate.

As with any resin flooring application they will only perform as well as the preparation which is carried out. If you see a resin coating flaking off a floor then the slab has been poorly prepared or will be contaminated in some way. Shot blasting or diamond grinding should be carried out to ensure proper adhesion.

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High Build Floor Coatings

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High Build Floor Coatings

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High Build Floor Coatings

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