Medium Duty, Flow Applied Screeds

At 2-3mm thick these relatively thin systems look great whilst offering superb performance when specified correctly. Rennsport 911, a heritage Porsche specialist, took advantage of the benefits of the Altro Flow EP3000 system, getting showroom looks & workshop performance.

Medium Duty, Flow Applied Screeds

Production areas / Warehousing & Storage / Packaging Areas / Electronics Manufacture

This is now a diverse & versatile group of products available in both gloss & matt finishes. They are all extremely durable but the characteristics can be tailored to your specific environment.

Until relatively recently there was a choice of a glossy epoxy finish, such as Altro Flow EP or a matt polyurethane finish such as Pumadur SL. These products are both excellent floor finishes when specified, applied & maintained correctly. Both are rigid finishes which would reflect cracks from the sub-floor.

In the last 10 years a range elastomeric polyurethanes have come to market which exhibit varying degrees of flexibility & scratch resistance. These ‘comfort floors’ or ‘liquid vinyls’ will bridge cracks, absorb impact & deaden sound. These systems, such as Mastertop 1325 or Sika ComfortFloor, are generally finished with a UV resistant matt top coat which can be periodically refreshed without replacing the entire floor, saving on life cycle costings.

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Medium Duty, Flow Applied Screeds

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Medium Duty, Flow Applied Screeds

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Medium Duty, Flow Applied Screeds

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