Multi Layer Flooring Systems

Also called sandwich systems, these resin floor finishes encapsulate a layer of aggregate between multiple layers of resin. The heavy duty Ucrete DP20 system seen here at Long Clawson Dairy contains a bauxite aggregate sandwiched between polyurethane resins resulting in a coarse, durable finish.

Multi Layer Flooring Systems

Chemical processing / Engineering works / Pharmaceutical production / Kitchens / Food & drink processing plants / Supermarkets / Airports.

Multi layer systems will usually be used to provide a uniform, slip resistant finish. This is achieved by casting a layer of aggregate onto wet resin basecoat. Once this resin has cured, excess aggregate is removed and finishing coats of resin can be applied. Vinyl flakes can be used in lieu of the aggregate resulting in an attractive finish often used in commercial areas such as supermarkets & airports.

These systems are very diverse as each layer can be varied. Altro Mosaic for example is a 1.25mm thick epoxy system, applied in 3 coats with a layer of PVA flakes sandwiched in between. This lightly textured finish could be used in corridors, offices or light industrial areas and is available with an optional matt finish.

At the other end of the scale you have Ucrete DP which can be laid at 9mm thick. The system comprises a 6mm thick polyurethane resin base coat, broadcast to excess with natural bauxite aggregate & finished with a coating of Ucrete DP Topcoat. The result is a heavy duty, non-slip, chemical resistant finish, able to take heavy loads & traffic, fully resistant to discharge of hot liquids up to 120ºC and suitable for use in freezers down to -40ºC!

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Multi Layer Flooring Systems

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Multi Layer Flooring Systems

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Multi Layer Flooring Systems

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