Very Heavy Duty Screeds

Ucrete UD200 – the original heavy duty polyurethane, known as ‘The Worlds Toughest Floor,’ used in a number of industries to protect concrete but an industry standard for the food industry. Kanes Foods use Ucrete UD200 in all production areas throughout their factory, where we have been working for over 20 years.

Very Heavy Duty Screeds

Chemical processing / Heavy Engineering / Pharmaceutical Production / Commercial Kitchens / Food Production & Processing / Breweries / Distilleries / Soft Drinks Production

This group of products, applied at 6mm+, is our most popular product range. Impervious & hygienic, impact & chemical resistant, the products are suitable for use in the most demanding environments. The profiled surface results in a slip resistance which gets better with age. They also resist high temperatures. 12mm Ucrete UD200 is fully resistant to high temperature spillage and discharge up to 130ºC, occasional spillage up to 150ºC and is fully steam cleanable. It is not uncommon for us to see heavy duty polyurethane resin screeds in service which were laid by ourselves over 25 years ago!

Initially developed for the chemical industry to protect concrete from corrosion, these products are now used in many industries due to their resistance to a large range of chemicals & their durability. Most food factories will opt for polyurethane screed such as Pumadur HF or Sikafloor Purcem, they will also be found in breweries & many heavy engineering areas.

Chemical processing is still a huge market for us. Containment bunds & processing areas can be protected from attack with chemical resistant polyurethane mortars applied to both vertical & horizontal surfaces. We also regularly line out channels & sumps with which can be expected to withstand a number of highly concentrated chemicals.

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Very Heavy Duty Screeds

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Very Heavy Duty Screeds

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Very Heavy Duty Screeds

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