Resin floor repair

Resin Floor Repairs…

Can you repair a resin floor…

Firstly lets clarify that we are talking about industrial resin floor repairs. You can repair decorative resin flooring but the results will not always be acceptable to the client.

At Lasercroft we specialise in industrial resin flooring in UK factories. Our focus is on resin floor repairs that keep sites safe, hygienic & compliant. Most of the time for us this involves a product from our range of very heavy duty polyurethane resin flooring.

But to answer the question you can definitely repair a resin floor. This is something we do for our clients on a weekly basis!

Resin floor & kerb repair

Why repair a resin floor…

Hygiene reasons – are you a food factory that needs to maintain hygiene standards. Keeping floors & kerbs crack free & impervious makes helps inhibit bacterial growth.



Safety reasons – avoid trips by repairing damaged sections of flooring. These are most often seen around drain channels. Improve floor areas around high level racking – any wobbles on uneven flooring will be multiplied at height.

Resin floor repair & joints

To protect sub-structure – one function of your resin floor is to protect your concrete base. If the finish has been damaged then your concrete can be attacked & eroded away. Water can do serious damage on its own, although it takes a while! But if chemicals are present then the process will speed up.

fucked floor

Protect your assets – do you keep repairing fork lift or electric hand trucks? Maybe you have a nasty hole or bump that the drivers keep hitting at speed. Talk to you drivers & highlight problem areas.



How to repair a resin floor…

Identify the cause – we can’t always determine the exact cause of floor failure without removing the existing topping. But we’ve seen enough floors now to have a very good guess!

The problem is often due to what is occurring underneath the floor topping. There could be an issue with moisture or oil contamination causing de-bonding or a failing sub-screed.

Propose a solution – we have the products & experience to put forward a lasting solution. This may involve force drying the screed or use of an oil tolerant primer like this one from Altro. We have products that can replace crumbling concrete. We can lay new flooring on top of these products the same day.

Book us in – arrange for us to carry out the works. We work weekends & nights if necessary to reduce downtime.

Crack on – defective areas are cut back until a sound section of floor is found. The sub floor is prepared & new floor finish laid.  Best practice is to install joints to the perimeter of the resin floor repair. This is especially important in wet areas & around stainless drainage.

How to repair epoxy floors…

As mentioned previously, the majority of the time we will be repairing & replacing heavy duty polyurethane flooring. We also repair epoxy floors! Having accounts with the UK’s largest resin flooring suppliers gives us access to the majority of product types.

Processes & preparation are the same but in general epoxy floor repairs cannot be put back into service so quickly. It is not uncommon for us to repair an epoxy floor with a polyurethane resin system. This is usually due to a combination of reduced down time & cost.

Get in touch…

If any of the above sounds familiar & you are interested in discussing further don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to help with advice & offer free site surveys. Call us now 01482 229119.

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