Ucrete UD200 on mezzanine deck

Resin floors on steel mezzanine decks…

When working on mezzanines we mostly lay directly onto mild steel durbar / chequer plate. Reasons for installing resin floors on steel mezzanine decks could be hygiene, waterproofing, slip resistance or chemical resistance. A new coating will also brighten the place up, mild steel can look pretty dull after a few years service.

Mild steel mezzanine - begging for resin finish!

Completion of a particularly challenging job this weekend got us thinking back. On reflection we’ve tackled some interesting projects over the years. This one, laid using Resdev’s Pumadur HF from our range of very heavy duty resin finishes, was no exception…

Prep that deck…

The level of preparation required to this relatively small area was immense. Combine the level of preparation with the fact that applying resin floors on steel mezzanine decks will see you working on intermediate floors, access becomes a key consideration too.

The weekends efforts involved removing a very heavy build up of acrylic paint which had built up over years. The build up was over 10mm thick in places and had to be hacked off using breakers & scraper blades.

Once the thickest of the paint had been removed, scabblers were used to further remove the build up. Once there was only a relatively thin layer remaining, the shot blaster was lifted up onto the deck to finish the job.

A double shift, working from 2pm until 6am left clean, textured steel. Great work from the guys at Denholm Surface Preparation.

Welding & anchoring…

Laying heavy duty polyurethane resins directly onto a well prepared steel deck will work, but for additional anchorage we like to fix or weld steel mesh to perimeters. In this instance welding was preferred although the image below shows drilled & fixed expamet.

Fixing Expamet to steel deck

The welders worked alongside our team who were finishing off preparing the edges & setting up ready to lay the Pumadur HF.

Laying the resin floor…

Resin applied to mezzanine

That’s it, hard work done, now for the easy bit. Mixing & laying the 6mm thick heavy duty topping.

This is what we do day in and day out & this lay wasn’t particularly awkward. Many of the other decks we’ve completed have been much trickier. Pipework & machinery often protrude through or sit on mezzanine floors which can result in some ‘interesting’ lays.

These images show some much trickier areas that our guys had to deal with on a previous mezz deck. Because of access like this ear defenders are extremely important – to protect from the expletives spewing from our floor layers!

Ucrete UD200 Mezzanine Deck

Other options for your steel mezzanine deck…

Whilst a lot of our works on mezzanine decks involve heavy duty chemical resistant resin systems, we have other options.

Applying a high build epoxy coating is another option. These aren’t going to tank a mezzanine, but they will brighten it up, make it easier to clean & give you the option of increasing slip resistance.

Altrocrete on mezzanine

Another project we completed this year involved shot blasting a new steel deck & the application of an elastomeric resin  floor finish. In some instances these softer, more flexible finishes are ideal. The Mastertop 1300 rangeSika Comfortfloor ranges are high quality choices which offer excellent durability & a more aesthetic finish.

If we can offer advice or assistance on any project please get in touch.

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