Ucrete FAST – Rapid Resin Flooring for the Food Industry…

Many industries have been forced to stop production in the last few weeks, either due to reduced demand or to protect their workforce through social distancing measures. But this is  not the case in many food factories. Supermarkets have reported record sales since the lockdown was announced meaning that the food industry has little option but to maintain, or increase, production levels.

There has certainly been an overall drop in demand for our services, but the importance of maintaining good food hygiene and health and safety standards for our food industry clients remains paramount. 

This need to maintain the performance of their flooring, in terms of slip resistance and hygiene, has seen our skeleton crew complete works at a number of key food production sites in the last week.

One project involved making good failing resin finishes around existing stainless steel channels and gullies. The flooring had been poorly installed, without the necessary anchorage grooves chased into the concrete to secure the polyurethane floor finish.

After sheeting off the area floor to ceiling to allow production to continue, the defective flooring was removed and the sub-floor properly prepared and vacuumed. Ucrete UD200 was then applied to the prepared areas. For more info on this heavy duty resin floor finish, which is used as standard in the food industry please see our products page.

The following day joints were cut and installed using Lasermaintain Joint Repair, our flexible, fast curing, heavy duty jointing compound. These were installed against the stainless steel fittings and to the perimeter of the repairs. This is best practice in the industrial resin flooring industry, and is especially important in wet areas, and can be the difference between a floor repair that lasts 10 weeks or 10 years! The customer was very happy with the resulting workmanship.

Hygienic flooring repair – Ucrete UD200

The weekend saw us carry out some relatively minor floor and resin coving works for a local meat processor before heading down the A1 to another food manufacturer to carry out an overnight renovation project.

This extremely busy client can only ever allow us a relatively short window of opportunity to get work done. Production stops only for hygiene, which sees a small army of workers jet washing lines, walls, floors and machinery ready for production to begin again 12 hours later.

Certain sections of the existing MMA (methyl methacrylate) flooring at this large site were found to be simply not heavy duty enough. We have upgraded those sections of flooring on previous visits, which were all in high traffic areas.

In areas that only received foot traffic, such as the one we were to concentrate on this weekend, the floor was relatively good, but was causing a health & safety risk due to its lack of slip resistance.

These three factors mentioned above meant that a fast curing, very heavy duty resin floor finish with exceptional slip resistance was required, which sounds like a pretty big ask. Luckily we have Ucrete UD200 SR FAST!!

The Ucrete FAST variants of ‘the worlds toughest’ flooring product can be put back in service in as little as 4 hours. UD200 SR contains a larger, angular aggregate than it’s sister product UD200, for increased slip resistance. 

The floor area was mechanically prepared and then laid by our team in approximately six hours, leaving a six hour curing period before the return of the production team. We generally return the following night to install the perimeter joints, but in this instance these will be installed the following weekend.

This summary of our weekly activity pretty much sums up the Lasercroft ethos. We aim to provide our clients in the food industry with the very best, safe and hygienic, anti slip resin flooring solutions. If minimal downtime is required, we have the products and capability. Please get in touch if we can help you maintain or improve your facility.

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